10 good reasons to have your ducts cleaned

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For cleaner air and easier breathing, substantially reducing the chances of illness.
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To eradicate odours such as cooking smells and cigarette smells.
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Peace of mind- prevents fires that are caused by blockages, due to a build up of dirt, dust and debris.
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To remove skin flakes that hair and micro-bites grow and feed upon bacteria.
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Reducing allergies and diseases caused by moulds and bacteria.
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To remove dead, living and breeding insects and their faeces from ducts including -dust mites, fleas, mosquitoes, spiders and cockroaches.
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Save money on your bills, by improving the efficiency on your ducted system.
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To remove unwanted small animals such as mice, rats, birds, and their nests.
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To remove dust, carbon particles, pollens etc, that causes asthma.
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Reduce the amount of time and effort you spend on cleaning and dusting off furniture.
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Under House Inspection and Camera Inspection:

If there is insufficient heat blowing from your ducts, our experts will do a under house inspection and fix it on the spot. When there is a foul smell coming from your ducts, a camera inspection will carried on.

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Cleaning and Sanitizing:

We do free inspection and use specialized air duct cleaning tools to dislodge dirt and other debris in ducts, then vacuum them out with a high-powered vacuum cleaner, and also provide hand cleaning and sanitizing.

Cleaning the air ducts and blowing units of your ducted system may not effectively remove contaminants such as mold spores, fungi, mildew, bacteria and algae.

Sanitizing ensures that various disease causing microbes are eliminated from the system.

A mild antibacterial and antifungal compound- Tea Tree Oil is used for our sanitizing after the system is thoroughly cleaned.

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Ducted heating and cooling maintenance ensures the system running at peak efficiency. Some damaged parts or leaking joiner, broke ducting, etc, all of these problem will draw down the systems efficiency. Proper maintenance ductwork provides a better air movement and less chance of mould growth.

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