With our HVAC duct cleaning in Melbourne, you can maintain your HVAC and keep it functioning optimally for many years to come.

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What is an HVAC duct system?

An HVAC duct system is a series of tubes or vents that transport air between different components in your system. Some of these facilitate heat exchange.  Others eliminate carbon monoxide (CO), a potentially harmful gas generated by many heating systems that can be fatal if inhaled in sufficient quantities.

Ductwork connects to the plenum – a box that stores air for the HVAC. Most systems have two plenums – one for the supply of hot and cool air, and one for the collection of returning air. As the supply plenum pushes air out through the ductwork, it increases the air pressure in the connecting room. This increase in air pressure then forces the existing air through a second set of ductwork to the return plenum.

Traditionally, practically all ductwork was made of metal – specifically galvanised steel – to protect against corrosion. However, in recent years, vendors have begun supplying synthetic materials offering better performance at lower cost. They may also use aluminium – sometimes called flex piping – for situations where they need bendy ductwork.

The reason for HVAC duct cleaning

The main reason for HVAC duct cleaning is to improve the performance of your system and increase its life cycle. While HVACs have filters, they are not always 100 percent efficient. Organics and other particles can build up in the system, recirculate, and eventually damage the heat exchanger, blower motor, combustion chamber, condenser coil or compressor, and the evaporator coil. All of these components are costly to replace.

Residential and commercial HVAC duct cleaning is critical for a second reason too: to protect health. Mould and bacteria can sometimes build up in air conditioning systems, leading to respiratory problems and, in extreme cases, chronic disease. Simple cleaning removes this threat.

HVAC duct cleaning services

HVAC duct cleaning is a professional service designed to maximise the life of your system and keep your home or business premises healthy. It begins with a visual inspection of the system to determine the type and extent of any buildup. This tells the cleaning technician whether there are any specific requirements, in addition to the removal of simple dust.

The next step is “system seal off.” This is where the technical seals the duct system prior to cleaning to minimise dust contamination.

Following this comes component cleaning. Here, technicians disconnect various components from the system, including the ducts, vents and registers, allowing them to clean them more thoroughly. Some sections of ductwork may require organic growth treatments – for instance, if they have mould.

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HVAC Duct Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Whether you’re in the office or at home, Dust Busters’ mission is to ensure that you breathe only clean, allergen-free, and pollutant-free air at all times. We do this through our HVAC duct cleaning service in Melbourne. Our services include the rapid and effective removal of dust, pollen, allergens, dander, bacteria, mould, and other pollutants from your air system.

We are a highly trained and experienced team of ducted heating cleaning professionals who use the latest technology and cleaning equipment to inspect and clean air ducts in residential and commercial buildings. If you’re want to only breathe super-clean air devoid of pollutants and allergens, get in touch with us today.

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