Heating Duct Replacement & Duct Repair

Many people see ducts as simple installations that abet the flow of ventilation and air in an environment, often in industrial buildings or offices. But while they may seem like simple and even primitive implements, they are anything but.

Ducts require maintenance, as with any other area of a building, and you will occasionally need a heating duct replacement. Without regular duct repairs and maintenance, they can become dusty, struggle to function, and will need replacement far sooner than they would otherwise.

duct repair & replace

For these reasons and more, heating duct replacement is an important service, and that’s where we come in. For those looking for duct repair or duct replacement in Melbourne, Dust Busters offers both residential Duct Replacement and commercial duct replacement, as well as thorough duct repair to ensure your system is functioning correctly at all times.

How should I replace my heating ducts?

First, it’s important to schedule a proper inspection to understand the cause of the issue. Professional duct replacement services like Dust Busters will be able to provide you with this.

Sometimes, rats and other creatures can make their way into the ventilation system, causing issues. Other times, ducting can break down through natural operation and may need repairs or full maintenance. If at the end of its life cycle, a replacement can be more cost-effective and durable than repairs.

Never try to perform a heating duct replacement or duct repair yourself. It may seem more cost-effective, but this is a sensitive system that needs proper maintenance in order to be installed correctly.

Furthermore, the cause of an issue is best left to specialists that can safely dismantle and inspect problems with your heating ducts as necessary, using the correct safety equipment to do so, and avoiding any collateral damage to your building in the process.

Is it worth it to replace my heating ducts?

A full replacement can sometimes work out as more cost-effective than specific repairs. The replacement of a full system guarantees perfect functionality, especially in buildings where the ventilation system may have been in use for some time. Additionally, a replacement can prevent the need for constant maintenance efforts that may cause disruption in your office or home.

That said, services like Dust Busters also provide excellent duct cleaning and repair services, allowing you to choose exactly the amount of work you would like performed based on the initial quotation and condition report given to you.

Duct replacement can provide increased efficiency to your ventilation system. After all, leaks can occur in ducts that need maintenance, which can cause up to 30% of the temperature-controlled air to escape. That’s a clear problem, especially for companies or homeowners aiming to keep costs low.

How often should I replace said ducts?

All replacements and installations have a ten-year warranty, matching the lifetime of the ducts in question. This is coupled with additional installation repairs if necessary, provided free of charge.

Of course, sometimes, the necessary replacement frequency of your air duct system can be increased depending on the condition of the system when you came into ownership of the building. It may be that the previous owner did little to care for the ventilation system past semi-occasional cleaning, in which case, the problems may be more deep-rooted than a simple maintenance effort can fix.

If you’re in any doubt as to if a replacement is needed, it’s good to have your duct system inspected by professionals such as Dust Busters. This will provide you with a clearer picture. From there, you will also find that regularly scheduled annual inspections ensure your ventilation and heating systems are adequately cared for and that further breakdowns are unlikely to happen. There’s no reason to spend more than you have to.

Why should I choose Dust Busters for duct replacement?

Dust Busters are a premium but affordable service with many years in ventilation cleaning, repair and maintenance. It’s our sworn mission to make sure that every client, be that industrial, commercial, residential or private is able to enjoy the best kind of ventilation care.

After all, ventilation systems are much more than implements that keep our buildings safe and comfortable to occupy, but they also affect our health for the better.

As the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, ventilation is more important than ever in order to keep environments safe, to prevent the spreading of viruses, and of course, to manage temperatures within.

If you feel that you’re in need of residential duct replacement or commercial duct replacement, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free, no-obligation quote! We look forward to aiding you.