There are many cleaning tasks in the weekly roster but one that seems to be forgotten year-round is air duct cleaning. Out of sight and out of mind our ducts are not immediately in the way and will not necessarily always present as un-clean. That said, this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be treated to a deep clean, and we are talking about more than just a wipe-over. So, how does Duct cleaning work?

Read on to find out. 

Is there a difference between vent cleaning and air duct cleaning?

You would be forgiven for thinking that vent cleaning and air duct cleaning are interchangeable terms. There actually is a difference between the two and you will want to know what that is before you hire someone to take on your air duct cleaning. Like many cleaning tasks around the office and home we need to do a proper, thorough job so that you can reap the benefits of all your hard work. 

Vent cleaning is cleaning the system that opens out into your home as it heats or cools, and this is what most people think the whole job is. Air duct cleaning is the system you do not see that runs underneath your house, or in the roof. These are the metal looking tubes and internal pieces that are hard to reach but also need to be cleaned. As you can imagine, Cleaning the vents is not very effective if the air ducts are unclean, and so both jobs are required to be completed together for a quality job. 

Can you DIY your duct and vent cleaning work?

The normal person will not have the skill, knowledge or cleaning equipment to conduct a quality air duct cleaning job in Melbourne. The instruments our team of professionals use at Dust Busters Australia ensures that we can clean the entire air duct system and vent system so that any grime and build-up is removed. 

There is also the risk that your cleaning practices might impact the function of your heating and cooling system, damaging your air ducts and resulting in a more expensive job. Using a cleaning solution that is not designed to clean air ducts and vents might also impact your system, and could circulate chemicals into your office or home.

3 ways residential air duct cleaning can work for you

If you have not yet booked a residential air duct cleaning job with Dust Busters, here are 3 reasons why your systems could do with a detailed clean.

  • Eradicating odours

If you have taken over a new lease, have bought a new home or simply want to remove any odours, then air duct cleaning is the way to go. This can be particularly effective if there are cigarette smells, cooking smells and anything else.

  • Reducing allergies and sickness

What if allergies and sicknesses’ could be curbed, and you had greater control over the seasons? Cleaning out your air duct system might be the missing piece that is holding you back from achieving a healthier home. Some homes can wait decades between cleaning, and this can have real impacts on every member of the family.

  • Mitigating the risk of small animals living in your ducts/vents

It might be an unpleasant thought, but there are common cases of small animals actually living inside ducts and vents that are not being maintained. To avoid finding rats, mice, and other small animals in your home, book in for a routine residential air duct clean with Dust Busters Australia here.

3 ways office air duct cleaning can work for you

Like residential air duct cleaning, Office air duct clean is just as critical. In fact, a commercial environment will usually have more than one vent and duct and is more reason to have a professional assess the cleanliness and safety of those systems.

Here are 3 simple ways commercial air duct cleaning can work for you.

  • Risk mitigation against fires

Blockages, debris and dust build-up can represent a serious threat to your safety, and there have been reported cases of fires being started by something as seemingly innocuous as this. Regular commercial air duct cleaning will remove any builds ups and ensure that all heating and cooling is travelling easily through the duct system.

  • Greater efficiency in heating and cooling

There is no point in buying and maintaining a quality air duct system if the internal parts are not being cleaned, as this is going to significantly impact the cooling and heating you expect from your system. It also means that you are paying for a service that you are only getting the partial benefit of.

  • Reduce the additional cleaning of dust spread

It is all about working smarter and not harder, and this starts with cleaning your commercial air duct system. If there is dirt, dust and blockages, this is going to be spread over your office space and will double your cleaning requirements. If your office or commercial space is only cleaned on certain days but you are finding there is dust appearing every day, it is likely the sign of a dirty air duct system.



Dust Busters are your partner in cleaning, and can assist with wall, floor, ceiling and mixed systems in your home and office. Contact Dust Busters today!