If you’ve just had your air ducts cleaned, you may notice an improvement in your indoor air quality. This is because you’re no longer breathing in contaminants, and your home or office feels fresher and cleaner for it. While getting the professionals to undertake your air duct cleaning services in Melbourne, who can take care of toxic particles such as allergens, dust and Mould, these will slowly come back over time and clog up your air ducts again without the proper Maintenace. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to maintain your air ducts after having them professionally cleaned by Dust Busters Australia. 

What difference does air duct cleaning make?

Heating and cooling Air duct Cleaning is a task that can be easily ignored or forgotten. However, regardless of whether you are a homeowner or a business manager, air ducts play a significant role in your HVAC system. Air ducts are a potential source of dirt particles and debris since pollutants can travel from indoor and outdoor sources via the air ducts. If your air ducts get clogged with dirt and dust, the particles are released indoors every time your turn on your system. This all contributes to poor indoor air quality as it increases pollution risks and can even lead to breathing difficulties and discomfort for vulnerable individuals. 


HVAC systems also encourage the presence of moisture, which can contribute to mould growth. In the long term, the air ducts can spread mould spores inside your home or office, which can have dramatic health consequences on people with a fragile immune system. 


We recommend professional air duct cleaning to be undertaken once every 2 years to reduce the following health hazards:

  • Mould growth
  • Lingering mildew
  • Dust and debris 
  • Rodent or insect infestation


Additionally, clogged air ducts can also damage the system and cause an increase in running and repair costs. Maintaining your Heating ventilation and cooling performance requires professional servicing and cleaning. This naturally also includes Air duct cleaning , Repair and Maintenance. That’s why it is in your best interest to take preventive maintenance measures and make sure you book your duct cleaning when you service your HVAC unit in Melbourne. 


Dirty Duct before cleaning


Maintaining your system after having your air duct cleaning done at your home or office is easy.

There is a lot you can do to look after your ducted heating and cooling system after they’ve been professionally cleaned by Dust Busters Australia. Here’s 5 essential tips that everyone can do at home after before you next service.  


#1. Keep your home or office dust-free

Ideally, you don’t want to let dirt and dust accumulate at your home or office. left uncleaned, dust build-up can reach inside your HVAC system through your return air vent and potentially damage its components and spread allergens around the house every time you turn the system on. Therefore, keeping a regular dusting and vacuuming schedule can help make a big difference. If you need a Home of office cleaner to help, Dust Busters can help. 


#2. Maintain and change your return air filters

When HVAC filters get clogged up or dirty, your HVAC system isn’t able to capture and retain dirt particles. Making sure your air filters are clean will prevent dirt from accumulating in the air ducts. If your filters are already clogged up, you need to replace them rapidly. One good rule of thumb is to clean your filter once every 3-6 months at the same time you vacuum your carpets. 


#3. Cover your air ducts during a construction project and during off seasons

Kitchen remodeling or bathroom upgrades are exciting projects. Unfortunately, they create a lot of dust inside your home or office. During a construction project, you might want to protect your air ducts. Cover the HVAC system to prevent dirt and dust from entering the system and clogging up your air ducts. Same as when your floor heating ducts aren’t in use over winter, and your air con system isn’t in use over winter. Shut the vents to prevent dirt dust and insects from manifesting. 


#4. Groom your pets

Some of the Dirtiest systems come from a home with pets. If you have pets, then you already know you need to vacuum at least once a week, even more to keep your home clean. Pet hair and dandruff can accumulate quickly and affect your HVAC system by being trapped inside your system. We recommend the regular grooming for long-haired dogs and cats to reduce your cleaning bill. 


#5. Keep your air ducts dry

Your air ducts are not supposed to get wet, as it can lead to damage and cause water infiltration inside the HVAC system. If you wish to clean your air ducts at home, make sure to avoid wet cleaning products that can enter through your floor vents. 


Spotting signs of damage on your air ducts

Keeping your air ducts clean is one thing. But it’s not enough to preserve your system. Basic air duct cleaning and Maintenace includes recognising the early signs of wear and tear so you can treat it quickly. Damaged air ducts are likely to lead to faults in your HVAC system. Therefore, you may want to book professional duct repairs if you notice the following signs:

  • Dusty vents despite frequent cleaning maintenance
  • Differences in room-to-room temperature
  • Poor airflow
  • Weird noises when you turn the HVAC on
  • Mouldy / Dusty smells
  • Unexpected energy bills spikes
  • The presence of pests


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